About our Wetsuits

About our Wetsuits

Our Wetsuits include the Hyperflex, Neosport, and Henderson Brands. These Brands share a common heritage of over 50 years of wetsuit design, patterning, and manufacturing expertise. Each of their Wetsuit designs represents years of continuous improvement and refinement and the best materials & construction techniques, to provide you with a wetsuit that is comfortable in use, with lasting quality, and good value for your money.


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Wetsuit FAQ:


frequently asked question icon What are the Hyperflex Brand Wetsuits best for?

A: The Hyperflex Surfing Wetsuits are designed to be the best Surf Wetsuit on the market whether you are after a 'top of the line' Wetsuit including the latest features and technologies, or a more budget oriented Wetsuit ideal for starting out. The Hyperflex Surf Wetsuits are in sum, technologically advanced, warm, flexible, well made, well appointed, performance oriented, and they represent great value. Hyperflex Surf Wetsuit design draws upon in use experience of an in-house staff of surfers and watersport enthusiasts, and an extensive background in neoprene material use, patterning and manufacture.


frequently asked question icon What are the Neosport Brand Wetsuits best for?

A: The Neosport range of Wetsuits caters to multiple watersport activities, including Diving, Snorkeling, Action Watersports, Triathlon, Oceanswim Competition, Paddle Sports, and general Water wear. The Neosport Brand offers high quality Watersport Apparel and Acessories at exceptional value. Neosport Wetsuits and Accessories are the result of years of continuous improvement and refinement and the best materials & construction techniques, to ensure in-use comfort, performance and long lasting quality.


frequently asked question icon What are the Henderson Brand Wetsuits best for?

A: The Henderson range of Diving Wetsuits are at the forefront of technology, style, fit, and performance. Henderson Divewear combine many leading technological advancements in neoprene and lining material with fashionable design and superb function. Henderson Dive Wetsuits are backed with the most comprehensive consumer warranty in the business. Many of the worlds best and most experienced divers suit up in Henderson Wetsuits before every dive.


frequently asked question icon What Wetsuit size is best for me?

A: You want a snug - close fitting wetsuit, to maximise your comfort and insulation. By snug - close fitting, we mean it will stretch a little to fit closely to your body, and allow only a very thin layer of water to enter the wetsuit which will warm between you and the insulating Neoprene. If the wetsuit is too tight, you will not feel comfortable, and if it is too loose you will not get the full benefit of its insulation. You can go to our Sizing page for any Wetsuit and compare measurements you have taken of your chest, waist, and height to determine the size that will provide the best fit for you. The sizing given there is really reliable for fitting, and if you fall within each of the respective chest / waist / height range in a given size then that suit will have a very high liklihood of an optimum fit for you. On occasion, peoples measurements may fall outside one or two of the ranges of the nearest given size, or between two sizes. Small variations typically dont matter, and for these or larger variations, or making a choice between two sizes, we are happy to give advice accordingly. We want you to have a good fitting wetsuit as much as you do. We can also provide short and tall versions of many of the wetsuits in our range to those who need these. Feel free to contact us if you want help with determining the best sizing for you. Whether you are able to proceed direct to purchase because you match well to one of the respective sizes, or whether we have to make a judgement call together - sizing by either of these methods is normally got right first time. The final test of course is receiving it and trying it on yourself to your satisfaction - in the rare instance where the fit is not as desired you may return it in unused condition with all packaging materials, for a more suitable alternative size from our range.

frequently asked question icon Can you do special sizes in your Wetsuits?

A: Yes - some wetsuit styles are available in tall, and short versions, extra small, 3XL, and kids sizing. Contact us if you would like to consider a Wetsuit in any of these sizes..


frequently asked question icon Is there a warranty on these Wetsuits and Accessories?

A: Yes - these Wetsuits are made from quality materials with best practice design, to last for years. They are so durable that many have an industry leading extensive warranty to the original owner. Warranties are specific to each product. Much of the Henderson Divewear range is warranted for 10 years on zippers; and 5 years on Materials & Craftmanship to the original owner. Henderson Divewear and Neosport Watersport Products without the 10 / 5 year warranty typically have a warranty to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the time of purchase. Hyperflex Wetsuits are warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase - accessories (boots, gloves and hoods) are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects from 90 days from date of purchase.


frequently asked question icon What Payment options do I have with the shopping cart?

A: You can make secure payment using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Credit Card as a Paypal guest - just add your item to the cart, go to the cart, checkout from the cart, select the 'dont have a paypal account' link, & make payment by credit card on the secure form. If you you already have a Paypal account, you can choose your preferred secure payment method accordingly.


frequently asked question icon How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We will usually dispatch the next business day. If there is likely to be any delay we will contact you. New Zealand delivery will usually be made within 1-2 days of dispatch.


frequently asked question icon Where do you ship to and how much will I pay for shipping?

A: Our shipping charge is set up for New Zealand wide delivery only. We can provide a quotation if you would like your order shipped elsewhere. Tracked shipping charges for New Zealand are as follows:

Flat rate $8.50 shipping charge for any order size.


frequently asked question icon Can I have a few days to appraise and then return a purchase 'no questions asked' ?

A: Yes you can - provided it is returned within a week of receipt, unused, and in new, as packaged condition, we will provide a credit for the goods, or provide an alternative from our range to your preference. Please do let us know in advance of sending if you wish to make a return or exchange, so we can prepare accordingly. .